The disruptors

We support our core team with appropriate experts.

Meet the core team....

Simon - the strategist

Simon Gifford: "the strategist”

Simon is a seasoned consultant with vast experience working with multinationals (as a partner at Deloitte & Braxton) and startups (as CEO of Mashauri). 
He adds value to Disrupt through his understanding of the impact of disruption on corporate business models; and the potential benefits that can be unleashed through connecting to entrepreneurial innovation.
Lives by:  "Life is too short to play small!"


Sajni Shah: "the hustler"

 Sajni is a banker / trader turned tech startup business developer, with vast experience in financing and investing in businesses to building partnerships.

She adds value to Disrupt through her hands on experience of working in a startup, recognising the evolving marketplace to then shape, pivot and grow a business. 

Lives by: "To have joy, one must share it"


Arlon Stok: "the designer"

Arlon is specialised in working with new information and solving unstructured problems, thanks to his expertise in strategic design.
Having lived and worked in several countries and settings allows him to combine adaptability with out-of-the-box thinking: be it local or global, material or digital, he can convey disruptive innovation as added value, while dramatically simplifying complexity.
Lives by: "Esteeming courage to be freedom and freedom to be happiness, do not over magnify your perception of reality."


Cosmin Mircea: "the lobbyist"


Cosmin is a public policy specialist with 5 years experience of working in and out of the public and private sector.

 He adds value to Disrupt through his extensive knowledge across a variety of EU and UK policy areas related to the digital space, including privacy, cybersecurity, and copyright. He has grasped complex technical and policy issues, to advise on policy developments and lobby on behalf of various organisations.

Lives by: "The best way to predict the future is to create it"


Michelle - Vision Builder

Michelle Beretti: "the vision-builder"

Michelle has spent 5 years working for Accenture where she focused her efforts on transformation, operations & strategy-led projects.

She adds value to Disrupt through her consulting experience, recent MBA at IE Business School and an enhanced cultural awareness having lived in North America, Europe & Africa.

Michelle also has personal experience building a startup that was focused on disrupting the insurance industry across developing markets. 

Lives by: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking out new landscapes but in having new eyes!"

Apoorv Bamba

Apoorv Bamba: "the trainer"

Apoorv is the Founder & Curator of Startup Safari and his passion lies in igniting ideas in the darkness of stereotypes. He consults with the SA Institute of Entrepreneurship around curriculum development, product innovation and entrepreneurial mindset training. 

He is a true global citizen having worked with entrepreneurs across South Africa, Bhutan, Taiwan, India and Portugal. He is determined to revolutionize the design of classroom education and influence the future of emerging market startup eco-systems.

Lives by: "Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone."