Design Sprints

The problem



Getting creative fast is not part of the DNA of most large organisations. Updating products or developing new services tends to happen slowly and often in the back-rooms of companies where engineers or technical experts work in glorious isolation. 

When the product is finally released it is not surprising that the customers' requirements have already moved on or some smaller, more nimble competitor has beaten us to the punch.

The solution



Borrowing from Google's Sprint methodology, but adapting it to each situation, we facilitate a small, hand-picked team through an accelerated, highly creative process taking them from customer problem to tested prototype (yes, tested with real customers) inside of a week.

The process is usable across a range of challenges and has been much praised by many of the new giants of the startup world including Slack, Lucid software and Facebook. Be warned: it does require dedicated time from the team; but surely time spent on developing solutions that address real customer needs is better than many of the other day-to-day activities in which they may be involved.