Exploratory DISRUPT workshop

DISRUPT workshop

The overall purpose is to begin to explore opportunities for (and threats of) disruption in your industry and what to do about it.

This highly interactive workshop will be customised to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. You will explore elements such as:

  • Disruptive innovation and how it plays out
  • How to position yourself to stop being displaced
  • The advantages (and risks) of being the disruptor
  • Detection of areas of potential disruption in your market and value chain
  • Refining and building business models
  • Re-imagining how your customers might be served in radically different ways

We are keen to gather a few good cases of DISRUPT workshops and so are offering significant discounts to our early customers (which would be you if you are reading this now).

Please complete your details and we will contact you to have a no-obligation discussion around the design and objectives of a DISRUPT workshop.





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