Disruption services

Exposing your top team to disrupted industries and then assessing the opportunities and threats facing your sector and organisation is a great place to start this adventure. Sometimes it takes some provocation to help us see our world with an entrepreneurial mindset!


It is our competitive advantage that is generally attacked by new players. They find better and/or cheaper ways of delivering value to our customers. 

Being clear how we compete in our markets and protecting or strengthening that must be a key strategic initiative of any incumbent under threat


Prioritise and then start your innovation initiatives. Don't wait for startups to attack your business - drive your own disruptive projects.

Reinvent how you deliver value to customers. 

Harness the new technologies for your own advantage.


Visualisation workshops
With visualisation tools, we run highly interactive workshops that catalyses massive creativity

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Scenario envisioning
We cannot forecast the future - but we can explore possible futures. A dynamic process to assist you in positioning for a disrupted world.

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Harness some entrepreneurial talent to help you solve your biggest problems using collaborative design practices at breakneck speed.

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Design sprints
Using Google methodology to invent (or reinvent) your products and services around your customers problems

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Value chain disruption analysis
Using a McKinsey framework, we help you assess areas of opportunity and threat up, down and even outside your value chain

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Intrepreneurial programmes
Training your staff to think and act like entrepreneurs adds excitement, dynamism and commitment to the business

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