Envisioning the future

The problem


Our decisions today are enacted at some point in the future - but depending on how the future unfolds will impact on the success of our strategy!

In a world of disruption, we are not able to extrapolate forward but we need to try and get some sense of what the future might look like - either to optimally position ourselves, or perhaps even play our part in shaping that future.

The solution


We take your top team away, sprinkle them with some experts, provoke them with some futuristic ideas and challenge them to move out of their comfort zones and their mental models of how the world works.

We then go through a demanding process of identifying drivers of change, technology disruptors, potential competitors, shifting value chains and evolving customer demands to start considering different possible futures. 

This scenario development process will likely not accurately predict the future, but will open minds to possibilities and the consequences of change on our actions and strategies.