The problem


Sometimes corporate initiatives seem to move at glacial speed - especially compared to the entrepreneurial world. We run things via series' of meetings, detailed project plans, gathering people together based on availability, following the governance processes  ....  it all takes so long and saps our energy. Even the high urgent, high impact items struggle to get prioritisation.

That was fine in the past, but with the world running at internet speed, can we really afford this?

The solution


Although moving away from the strict definition of "hackathon" , originally aimed at rapid development of apps, we design and develop high speed, high collaboration events where a mixed corporate team, often seeded with  external entrepreneurs, work to solve a problem or design and build something new in a matter of days.

Allowing your employees to be involved in collaborative design practices and delivering a breakthrough innovation in 24 hours will leave them energised and motivated, imbued with a new can-do attitude.