Intrepreneurial programmes

The problem



You have highly skilled people inside your organisation but somehow the level of internally-inspired innovation is low or non-existent. It is certainly not lack of brain-power or even creativity, but your people simply do not seem to be more like all those startup founder you hear about who seem to develop companies out of thin air.

The solution



We have learned a  little about the entrepreneurial mindset and how it differs from a corporate mindset - in fact we lecture about it in an entertaining presentation called "MBA versus entrepreneur". To be truly innovative in an entrepreneurial way, you have to learn to think and act like one. But our B-school education teaches us to think differently and prepares us for big corporate decisions. We are trained to be tanker pilots not dinghy sailors.

At Genesis-Disrupt, we are developing progammes to help your people act and think like entrepreneurs - and to help you develop a company culture that allows this to happen!