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Weapons of Mass Disruption 2: Disruptive Tools

Genesis DISRUPT tools of disruption

1. Introduction

Welcome to the second in our “Weapons of Mass Disruption” series. In the first article, we considered 5 models of disruption and laid out the reasons why an industry might be disrupted. Now we look at some of the major Disruption Tools and propose a simple framework to develop or identify disruptive business models.

Not wishing to repeat all the findings (you can read it at “Weapons of Mass Disruption”), I would like to mention three key points we made (beyond the models themselves) which are pertinent to this article. They are:

  • Disruption is always customer driven - at least to a large extent. If potential customers were satisfied with their existing service it would be hard to disrupt a sector. The customer drivers were mentioned in the previous article.
  • Disruption is a process not an event. We don’t just wake up and suddenly find ourselves displaced, even though it may feel like it to some. The signals will have been around for a long time.
  • Although technology is a frequent catalyst, it is almost always the business model that evolves because of the technology that is the disruptive force.

The five models described previously were: