Digitisation offers potential for industry disruption

Digital opportunities for disruption

Disruption opportunities -how digital is your industry?

Opportunities for disruption

Harvard Business Review have an excellent series of videos. One that caught my eye (see below) recently was entitled: "How digital is your industry?". It describes, using a clever matrix, which industries are harnessing the power of digital across a range of areas (labour, usage, assets); and which ones are not.

Given that digitisation often becomes the point of entry for disruptors, it may be worth using the analysis in the video to think about disruption possibilities!


Industry digitisation

Digitisation levels can point to opportunities for disruption Disruption opportunities with Industry digitisation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly one of the keys to digitising many previously non-considered opportunities.


The possibilities are of course 2-way. If you are an incumbent in one of these "under-digitised" industries, you should be thinking about how you could use digitisation to improve your cost position, create higher customer value or even leading the disruption your own industry and leap-frog your larger competitors.


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Where do you think the opportunities lie? Leave a comment below and start a discussion.



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